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This document shows how many jobs, by county, are covered by unemployment insurance in the private and public sector, and in goods producing and service industry. Unemployment insurance payments are intended to provide temporary financial assistance to unemployed workers only if they are out of work through no fault of their own.

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The projections in this document are based on the most current data available at the time they are made; they are estimates provided by the Bureau of Labor Market of future employment if there are no changes in the current situation.

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According to the data, manufacturing, mining, agriculture should at least experience gradual improvements. Business Investment will likely begin to recover from a 2 year slump. The strength of the recovery in business capital spending will depend on the strength of this overall recovery in Goods markets.

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Navigating this map

On this map you will see seven attributes being highlighted (Population; Educational Attainment: High School Diploma or higher & BA Degree’s or higher; Jobs covered by unemployment insurance per 1,000; Unemployment Rates; Labor Force Participation Rate for those age 16+; and Median Household Income). If you wish to highlight a particular attribute, simply click on the ‘Auto Style’ button on the top right corner of the graphs below the map. If you wish to see how specific attributes compare to each other, click anywhere on one of the bar graphs and drag your mouse to highlight specific data. If you wish to see the numbers for your county, simply click on your county on the map.

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