Where can I find a heroin overdose kit?

UPDATED with state list

Great question and maybe a great service to your local news audience?

Last week, Your Voice Ohio/Ohio Media Project reporters met with state leaders to discuss what people need to know.
So, Washington Court House reporter Ashley Bunton took it upon herself to call local pharmacies in Fayette County and ask how many carried kits, the cost and what will happen when I ask to buy one?
Great question, and worth a story.  What's in a kit, what does it do, how does it work, and where can I get one?
The state publishes a list of pharmacies with kits for sale. A search of the internet for Ohio's Project Dawn program will provide locations where free kits and training are available.
In Akron, the Beacon Journal/Ohio.com web site -- newly redesigned I might add -- now has a weekly tally of people seeking emergency attention for an overdose. It was 45 last week.  Anyone else doing this?
With stories such as the weekly tally, would it be helpful to include the local and state hotline numbers for crisis intervention, and where you can buy the heroin overdose kit in your community?
And don't forget the state emergency text service: