Heroin in the Mahoning Valley

Reporters and editors at the Warren Tribune Chronicle, Youngstown Vindicator and WFMJ-TV -- all competitors for audience in the Mahoning Valley -- on Tuesday will work collaboratively on ways we can help neighborhoods in crisis.

We'll discuss  ways we can get closer to people struggling with the heroin epidemic, personally, through family or as a taxpayer. We'll  listen to what they see, hear and need, and we'll think about what we can do to help  find solutions that have worked elsewhere.

We'll try to be transparent in what we're doing so that citizens can offer observations and ideas that we might not have considered.

Let's begin today.

From 2010-15, 518 people died of accidental opioid overdoses in Mahoning and Trumbull counties. Opioids include prescription medications, heroin and fantanyl. The total does not include 2016, which was likely a record year, or 2017, which is likely to be more of the same. (Note: Earlier version had incorrect total  due to my error in moving the two counties to a new spreadsheet.)

What do people in the Valley know about  those who are victims of opioids? What do they need to turn this around? What do they want their local new outlets to do in order to move neighborhoods toward solutions?

Thanks to Solutions Journalism Network for a link to this effort in New Mexico